Paddle Canada SUP Courses
White Rock, Surrey, Greater Vancouver and Southwestern BC
Paddle Canada is a non-profit organization representing recreational paddlers across Canada. Among their objectives is the development of standard skill sets and promotion of safe and enjoyable paddling.  
Advanced Flatwater SUP Course (2-4 hours) -Lesson builds on the skills from Introduction with a focus on more challenging conditions. Participants will learn foot positions, pivot turns and develop more proficient strokes.
SUP Touring 1 Course (6-8 hours) - Lessons builds on the skills developed in the Advanced Flatwater course. With a strong focus on navigation, decision making in coastal conditions.
SUP Touring 2 Course (3 days) - This touring course continues to develop stroke efficiency. and introduces the paddler to overnight touring in coastal waters including; surf, currents, wind and chop.
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